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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mac review
Import, process, manage, and showcase your images

CoverGirl responds to Photoshop of 'abuse' in NFL ad
The ongoing Ray Rice scandal is drawing in more and more entities.

Altered Cover Girl Ad Reveals Just How Awful the NFL’s ‘Game Face’ Is for Women
It’s no secret that Photoshop is used to turn the female models in fashion and beauty advertisements into visions of unrealistic perfection—to the frustration of feminists and body image advocates. But in the wake of Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice’s firing for punching his wife, Janay Rice, in an elevator, a critic of the National Football League’s inept handling of the situation has used the ...

This Wake Forest recruiting photoshop is the year's weirdest
OK, OK: recruiting at Wake Forest is hard. In short: if you're going to successfully recruit to Wake Forest, yes, you're going to have to get creative. Yes, this is what it looks like: a photoshopped "People" magazine cover suggesting that choosing to play football at Wake Forest would not only help a high school junior's chances with Kim Kardashian, it would seal the deal. I wish pic.twitter ...

Apple Aperture vs Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Apple has called time on Aperture, but fear not, other digital darkroom applications are available. In this feature we set Apple’s venerable photo tool against Adobe’s other pro digital imaging champion to see where the similarities and differences lie.

Model Blasts the Company That Slimmed Her Body With Photoshop
Nowadays Photoshop is a standard tool of the fashion trade, with women’s faces and bodies smoothed and slimmed to fit a Barbie-like standard of beauty. Kausman is not the first public figure to counteract Photoshopping by sharing images on Instagram that aren’t digitally altered.

Wake Forest Photoshops Recruit Kengera Denial on People Magazine With Kim Kardashian
Computers – not just for nerds!

Biracial Woman Participates In The “Make Me Beautiful” Photoshop Challenge
Earlier this year, Esther Honig presented a Photoshop challenge to people around the world, asking them to take a photo of her face and make her look beautiful. The results revealed stunning truths about how different cultures around the world perceive beauty. Now, another woman named Priscilla Yuki Wilson has followed suit and sent out Biracial Woman Participates In The “Make Me Beautiful ...

Wake uses Kim K. and Photoshop to recruit
It isn't entirely original. As Matt Fortuna detailed in this piece last week, schools have been using graphic design and creating fake magazine covers for a while now to amuse and impress recruits. Just a few weeks ago, Tennessee created a Rolling Stone cover with Beyonce and Shy Tuttle, one of the Vols' top targets in this year's class. But the one Wake Forest recently sent to Class of 2015 ...

Activists Photoshop CoverGirl ad to target Goodell and NFL
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Activists have hijacked a CoverGirl ad campaign intended for female NFL fans in order to protest the league’s mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence controversy. A picture of a woman CoverGirl was using on social media sites for its “Get Your Game Face On” campaign was changed. In it, she’s […]