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Adobe Photoshop Touch review
Photoshop Touch for iPad lets you combine images, apply professional effects, and share results through Facebook and Twitter all from the

KelbyOne Connect
Each issue of the award-winning Photoshop User is packed cover to cover with tutorials, articles, news, reviews and more. Contributors...

Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Challenges 21 Photoshop Experts to Make Her Beautiful: See How Her Hair, Eyes, Shape Changed
What is real beauty? Being a plus-size fashion blogger, Marie Southard Ospina knows all too well that her image is constantly critiqued — whether if it's on the way she styles her hair, a lipstick choice, or how a new dress fits her frame.

Plus-Size Blogger Asks Photoshop Experts Around the World to Make Her "Beautiful"—See the Surprising Results!
Call this is an act of beauty bravery. Brooklyn-based blogger Marie Southard Ospina crafted an experiment to see how Photoshop experts from different countries would use the design...

A Plus-Sized Woman Asked Designers Around The World To Make Her 'Beautiful' Using Photoshop
Last June, freelance journalist Esther Honig...

10 essential tips for photo editing in iPhoto and Preview
Do you really need expensive creativity apps like Photoshop to edit images? Probably not - your Mac comes with iPhoto and Preview, both of which pack enough image editing power in by default and they're free. Here's everything you need to know about the hidden features in both.

Photoshop experts around the world 'fix' woman's image
YESTERDAY on the internet a story ran rampage about plus-sized Colombian-American beauty editor Maria Southard Ospina, who paid 30 photo editors from different parts of the world to make her look more beautiful as a social experiment on the ethics of airbrushing.

Plus-size model asks photoshop experts around the world to make her beautiful
One plus size model asked photoshop experts to 'make her beautiful' with staggering results.

First look: Adobe Photoshop Mix
A few years ago, Adobe decided to rebrand Lightroom--its respected photo organizer and editor--as "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom." To me, it seemed like a meaningless marketing exercise meant to bring Adobe's new star application under a brand umbrella. I still think it was a questionable move, but beneath the branding is an important reality: Photoshop is really no longer a single application that ...

Plus-Size Blogger Asks Beauty Editors to Transform Her Photo
When blogger Marie Southard Ospina sent a photo of herself with no makeup and no clothes to photo editors in 21 countries around the world and asked them to Photoshop her, she said she was surprised by one thing most of the experts did not do to her image."I was surprised that only three out of 21 altered my weight and my bone structure," Ospina told ABC News' Juju Chang. "So that was nice to ...