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Full-blown Photoshop is coming to Chromebooks
Instead of having to rely on watered-down Photoshop clones, Chromebook users could eventually get the real thing. Google and Adobe have partnered on a streaming version of Photoshop , allowing a subset of Chrome OS users to access the photo editing software without the storage or processing power of a more expensive PC. It's available first to Adobe education customers in the United States with ...

Photoshop Comes To Chromebooks
That's right, Google's $200 laptop can now run Photoshop. Chances are, you don't own one of Google's cheap, cloud-based " Chromebook " laptops, but they accounted for 21% of all laptops sold last year in the US. And designers may have new incentive to drop $200 on their next knock-around computer because Photoshop is coming to Chromebooks . Read Full Story

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 13: More Info at B&H Photo
Adobe's new Photoshop Elements 13 preserves the intuitive and versatile interface that has made the Photoshop Elements series so popular, and builds upon that success by adding features that complement ...

Chromebooks get version of Photoshop
Streaming version of Adobe Photoshop can be accessed via Chrome OS on Chromebooks or the Chrome browser

Adobe project brings Photoshop to Chrome, Chrome OS
The Creative Cloud now involves some actual cloud computing with a version of Adobe's flagship that runs in Google's browser and its browser-based operating system.

Friday Open Thread: Bengals Caption/Photoshop Contest #2
Caption and/or Photoshop this picture! This will also serve as the Friday Open Thread for the bye week.

Chromebooks get streaming version of Adobe Photoshop
Streaming version of Adobe Photoshop can be accessed via Chrome OS on Chromebooks or the Chrome browser

Adobe Photoshop comes to Chromebooks
Users of Chromebooks, laptops running Google's net-centric ChromeOS, may finally be catching up with the more established platforms as they will now have access to Adobe's Photoshop.

Adobe Brings Photoshop For Chromebooks To Its Education Customers
 For the longest time, pundits said that Google’s Chromebook initiative wouldn’t amount to much because Chrome OS couldn’t run complex applications like Photoshop. Those pundits will have to find another example now, because starting today, Photoshop will run on Chrome OS and on Chrome for Windows (if you are an Adobe education customer). Read More

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 review
Adobe's power-packed consumer photo-editing package gets a sprinkling of new features