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8 reasons why Lightroom should be your go-to photo app
Even though Photoshop is so incredibly popular its name is a verb, it's not for the faint at heart. Now that Adobe offers both Photoshop and Lightroom (plus other nifty goodies) for $10/month via its Creative Cloud Photography Program, a dirty little secret is creeping out of the image editing bag: it's easier to edit images in Lightroom than in Photoshop. Brace yourself and consider the ...

Photoshop Wizard Transforms Disney Scenes into Works of Art
(Disney l Tyson Murphy) Tyson Murphy knows there's no trumping a classic. The digital artist unleashes his magnificent Photoshop skills on iconic Disney scenes because the exercise  entertains him . "I picked these movies because they're a few of my favorites," Murphy told The Huffington Post . "And also because they come from an era when less lighting was painted into the original scene ...

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 13: More Info at B&H Photo
Adobe's new Photoshop Elements 13 preserves the intuitive and versatile interface that has made the Photoshop Elements series so popular, and builds upon that success by adding features that complement ...

Full-blown Photoshop is coming to Chromebooks
Instead of having to rely on watered-down Photoshop clones, Chromebook users could eventually get the real thing. Google and Adobe have partnered on a streaming version of Photoshop , allowing a subset of Chrome OS users to access the photo editing software without the storage or processing power of a more expensive PC. It's available first to Adobe education customers in the United States with ...

Smile, You’re on Candid-Photoshop Camera!
Watch what happens when one Photoshop magician, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras are combined

Friday Open Thread: Bengals Caption/Photoshop Contest #2
Caption and/or Photoshop this picture! This will also serve as the Friday Open Thread for the bye week.

Beyonce, Nicki Minaj & More: 8 Shocking Celebrity Photoshop Fails
Photoshop is a nifty tool, but sometimes celebs make shocking mistakes.

Football Photoshop: Arsene Wenger, True Deflective
Our resident Photoshop guru casts the Arsenal boss as one of the stars of the hit TV show.

Will Photoshop work with Yosemite?
If you work with Adobe's Creative Cloud apps, should you download the free Mac OS X Yosemite? That's the question many creatives are asking today, after Apple made Mac OS X 10.10 available as a free download alongside its launch of new iPads and a 27-inch iMac with a 5K Retina Display last night.

5 powerful things you didn't know Chromebooks could do
The now-familiar knock seemingly started when the very first Googley laptop rolled off the line. “Sure, Chromebooks are nice , but they can’t run Photoshop.” Well, that just isn’t true anymore. Nor are many other Chromebook myths. From Photoshop to Office and beyond, here are five powerful things you might be surprised to learn you can do with a Chromebook. 1. Edit images with Adobe Photoshop ...