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Photoshop adapts to an Instagram world
“When I took over the business in 2010, I realized that the growth in our business did not match what was happening all around us,” said David Wadhwani, the executive in charge of Adobe’s creative software. Our business was a solid business, but it was not growing at the pace that we felt it should.” So Adobe is taking a big risk and reinventing Photoshop and, the company hopes, making it less ...

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 review - Update brings extra effects, frames and filters as well as content-aware tool ...
Adobe has updated its Photoshop Elements consumer photo-editing and organising software, which now comes in at version 12. The update brings several new features, including extra effects, frames and filters, as well as Photoshop CC's content-aware move tool. When it comes to the Organiser, there are new tools to allow access to photos on mobile devices, too. Here's our Photoshop Elements 12 ...

Photoshop turns 25, facing challengers like Instagram
Photoshop attained the rare status of a product that became a verb — like Google and Xerox. Now Adobe is reinventing Photoshop, making it less acutely dependent on sales to a small group of professional customers.

Photoshop fail: Myanmar's shadowy umbrella mystery
North Korea and China might be have a new contender in the race to be the best at photoshopping official government images.

Photoshop Is 25 Years Today: Here's The Best And The Worst
Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old today . Which when you think about it is pretty incredible. It started life 1987 as an independent piece of software called 'Display', but then in 1990 Adobe realised the potential that it could have on the world so bought it, and rebranded it as Photoshop. Over the years Photoshop has proven itself to be the software that gives artists their canvases, provides ...

Photoshop's new camera support suggests Lightroom update
Adobe's software now can handle raw images from the latest Nikon and Canon SLRs. A new version of Lightroom will get that support -- and likely a range of new editing abilities, too.

Affinity emerges as Photoshop alternative
The depth of Photoshop’s ability as an editing tool means millions of users, like us, have never mastered all its functions and never will.

Photoshop fails of the general public
Stars like Miranda Kerr and Beyonce are reported to Photoshop pictures, but members of the public are also trying their hand at it. On the web there are numerous embarrassing doctored self-portraits.

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Did Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Her Butt on Instagram?
Fans accused the actress of editing her thighs and butt in a recent photo