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Adobe Photoshop Turns Twenty-Five
Adobe Photoshop, the imaging software that continues to redefine creativity in the digital age, turns 25 today. Photoshop touches virtually all the inspirational imagery that surrounds us: the high-impact logo on your morning cup of coffee; the new app you download on your iPhone; the sleek design of your running shoes; the Hollywood blockbuster that you’ll see tonight.

How 25 years of Photoshop changed the way we see reality
From celebrity photos to Instagram filters -- we can't handle the truth.

Adobe Photoshop: 'Democratizing' Photo Editing For 25 Years
The photo editing system Adobe Photoshop turned 25 this week. NPR's Arun Rath talks to co-founder Thomas Knoll about how the system has changed and where it's going.

A look back at 25 years of Photoshop
It might be hard to believe these days, but the ubiquitous software is about much more than just erasing perceived imperfections

Photoshop adapts to Instagram world
NEW YORK — The history of digital technology is full of innovations that are praised for having changed the world: the Mac, Microsoft Windows, the Netscape Navigator browser, the iPod, and countless others. Then there are the many products that changed the world and were suddenly overtaken by some newer, supposedly better thing: the Mac, Microsoft Windows, Netscape Navigator, the iPod, and ...

Photoshop may be 25 years old, but it still manages to stay fresh
This week, Adobe marks the 25th anniversary of Photoshop, the revolutionary software that ushered in digital imaging on the desktop. We spoke with Adobe's Zorana Gee about Photoshop's past, present, and future. The post Photoshop may be 25 years old, but it still manages to stay fresh appeared first on Digital Trends .

How Photoshop democratized photo editing
The photo editing software Adobe Photoshop just turned 25 years old. The program is an industry juggernaut -- so famous that the word "Photoshop" has come to be synonymous with image manipulation.

Photoshop Is 25 Years Today: Here's The Best And The Worst
Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old today . Which when you think about it is pretty incredible. It started life 1987 as an independent piece of software called 'Display', but then in 1990 Adobe realised the potential that it could have on the world so bought it, and rebranded it as Photoshop. Over the years Photoshop has proven itself to be the software that gives artists their canvases, provides ...

Are Beyonce and Cindy inadvertently fuelling a Photoshop backlash?
Beyoncé, reigning Queen of Pop, is under the spotlight this week after pre-Photoshop images "leaked" from a L'Oreal campaign shoot in 2013 went viral. Originally posted on fan site The Beyoncé World to celebrate the star's natural beauty, the photos were swiftly removed following backlash from "the BeyHive". "We know Beyoncé is pretty. We know Beyoncé wears a lot of makeup.

Photoshop at 25 -- the early days (pictures)
From films and magazine covers to architecture and astrophotography, the impact of Photoshop is everywhere. Here are its more humble beginnings.