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Kate Middleton Is the Latest Victim of a Photoshop Fail
Someone clearly has a heavy hand with the Photoshop over at Woman's Day magazine. The Australian publication is now getting some heat by turning the lovely Kate Middleton into a cartoon-like character on the cover of their magazine, obviously going overboard in enhancing the 33-year-old's already flawless looks. PHOTOS: Kate Middleton's Best Fashion Looks Check out the original image of The ...

Adobe Touch Workspaces Show What The Microsoft Surface Can Be With A True Creative Focus
 Adobe’s Touch Workspaces are new UI tools for Illustrator and Photoshop that were introduced in the CC 2014 update of those applications, providing a friendly interface for touch devices with high resolution screens, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. While the potential audience for these software tweaks may be small, in practice they provide a lot of benefit for any digital artists… Read More

How to fix pet pupils in Photoshop, Elements, and Pixelmator
Pets give us unconditional love and endless hours of joy—no wonder we’re constantly snapping their photos! Unfortunately, it’s easy to end up with the animal equivalent of red-eye, wherein their pupils appear green, gold, or even white. While the Red-Eye tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and later does have a Pet Eye option, you’ll get better results by rebuilding the pupils from scratch—and ...

An Artist Copes With a Breakup by Erasing His Ex in Photoshop
Breaking up is hard to do. So is falling in love. Matthew Swarts has been pondering this since splitting up with a long-term girlfriend in 2013 and then finding a new one last year. To process the strong, often conflicting emotions that come with these changes, Swart is working on two photo series. In Beth, he manipulates old […] The post An Artist Copes With a Breakup by Erasing His Ex in ...

Kate Middleton Gets ‘Ghastly’ Photoshop On The Cover Of Australian ‘Women’s Day’
Kate Middleton is known for her stylish looks and put-together public appearances, but the Duchess of Cambridge looked nothing of the sort on a photoshopped cover of Australian Women’s Day Magazine that has been described as “ghastly.” The cover used a photo of Kate wearing a light blue overcoat and holding a bouquet of roses, Kate Middleton Gets ‘Ghastly’ Photoshop On The Cover Of Australian ...

Best Mac apps for fun photo effects
Photoshop Elements has a very strong set of filters and effects, but if you don't want to spend £60 just to get a few extra filters then there are several great apps that provide powerful and attractive photographic filters at very competitive prices. Fun photo filters aren't only the domain of the iPhone...

Kate Middleton poorly Photoshopped on Australia's Woman's Day magazine
Veronica Linares SYDNEY, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- The duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, fell victim to a bad Photoshop jobs in the latest cover of Australia's Woman's Day magazine.

Lindsay Lohan Posts Photoshop Fail On Instagram?
Lindsay Lohan posted a photo of herself on Instagram that has everyone talking. No, it’s not a drunk shot sans underpants. Nor is it Lindsay Lohan kissing someone of the same sex. It is, in fact, a photo of Lindsay …

Did Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Waist?
© @lindsaylohan/Instagram Lindsay Lohan: My Calvin Klein underwear helps me fight Chikungunya! Lindsay Lohan is apparently taking inspiration from Justin Bieber as she battles a viral infection.

Photoshop Gone Wrong and Sexually Graphic Tweets: These Were the Biggest Company Blunders of 2014
Companies and social media should never mix. Also, everyone needs to just step away from the Photoshop program. Hopefully companies will have learned some valuable lessons so we don't get any...