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Adobe Photoshop Turns Twenty-Five
Adobe Photoshop, the imaging software that continues to redefine creativity in the digital age, turns 25 today. Photoshop touches virtually all the inspirational imagery that surrounds us: the high-impact logo on your morning cup of coffee; the new app you download on your iPhone; the sleek design of your running shoes; the Hollywood blockbuster that you’ll see tonight.

Adobe Photoshop: 'Democratizing' Photo Editing For 25 Years
The photo editing system Adobe Photoshop turned 25 this week. NPR's Arun Rath talks to co-founder Thomas Knoll about how the system has changed and where it's going.

Adobe Photoshop: changing your perception of reality for 25 years
On the 25th anniversary of the launch of Adobe Photoshop, Sophie Curtis examines why the software program has become a cultural phenomenon

Adobe Photoshop Turns 25!
Adobe Photoshop turned 25 on Thursday! That is is a quarter of century of editing, transforming, cutting and cropping many of the images we see every day.

Photoshop Is 25 Years Today: Here's The Best And The Worst
Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old today . Which when you think about it is pretty incredible. It started life 1987 as an independent piece of software called 'Display', but then in 1990 Adobe realised the potential that it could have on the world so bought it, and rebranded it as Photoshop. Over the years Photoshop has proven itself to be the software that gives artists their canvases, provides ...

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Adobe Photoshop turned 25 on Thursday – although, thanks to some creative photoshopping, it doesn’t look a day over 20. Let’s take a look back at the iconic application that has us forever guessing “is that photoshopped?”

Adobe Photoshop: 25 years of hoaxes, fails and enhancements
Turning 25 this week, Photoshop has done much more than make it easier for artists to create and enhance great works.

How Photoshop democratized photo editing
The photo editing software Adobe Photoshop just turned 25 years old. The program is an industry juggernaut -- so famous that the word "Photoshop" has come to be synonymous with image manipulation.

Don't touch me up there! Photoshop creator appeals for 'ethical' use
Also, why subscription pricing is good for you Adobe Photoshop inventor Thomas Knoll spoke to the press on the 25th anniversary of the pic-mangling programme, which dominates the market for professional image processing.…

Watch: 25 years of Adobe Photoshop
The Telegraph takes a look at Adobe Photoshop's journey over the past 25 years, from humble beginnings in Silicon Valley to design studio heavyweight